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Throughout her career, Sarah Corrie has written extensively. Her latest book is ‘First Steps in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy’ co-authored with David A. Lane.

Find out more about Sarah’s books below.

inspiring transformation - cognitive behaviour book

First Steps in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Sarah Corrie & David A. Lane (2021)
inspiring transformation treating-relationship-distress book cover

Treating Relationship Distress and Psychopathology in Couples: A Cognitive-Behavioural Approach

Donald Baucom, Melanie Fischer, Sarah Corrie, Michael Worrell & Sara Boeding (2020)
inspiring transformation - supervision-in-the-psychological-professionsbook cover

Supervision in the Psychological Professions: Building your own Personalized Model

Edited by David A. Lane, Mary Watts & Sarah Corrie (2016)

Assessment and Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 2nd Edition

Sarah Corrie, Michael Townend & Adrian Cockx (2016)

CBT Supervision

Sarah Corrie & David A. Lane (2015)
inspiring transformation - making-successful-decisions book cover

Making Successful Decisions in Counselling and Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide

David A. Lane & Sarah Corrie (2012)
inspiring transformation - constructing-stories-telling-tales

Constructing Stories, Telling Tales: A Guide to Formulation in Applied Psychology

Sarah Corrie & David A. Lane (2010)
art of inspired living book cover

The Art of Inspired Living. Coach Yourself with Positive Psychology

Sarah Corrie (2009)
inspiring transformationthe-modern-scientist-practitioner book cover

The Modern Scientist-Practitioner: A Guide to Practice in Psychology

David A. Lane & Sarah Corrie (2006)

Articles by Sarah Corrie

Sarah has also published over 100 academic and peer-reviewed coaching and psychology articles, and articles for the trade and popular press. You can see a selection of her more recent publications here.

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