Sarah Corrie is a highly experienced supervisor, having provided clinical and coaching supervision to a wide range of professionals for over 20 years.

Sarah provides specialist supervision to health care professionals delivering CBT, and those delivering couple-focused therapy. She has developed a number of trainings in supervision including a Post-Qualification Certificate in CBT Supervision.

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Sarah's supervision credentials

Sarah is registered with the British Psychological Society’s Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors and is also an Accredited Supervisor with the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies. This means that she undertakes continuing professional development to ensure that her knowledge and skills remain effective and up to date.

Sarah’s specialist knowledge and skills in supervision has resulted in two popular books: ‘CBT Supervision’ co-authored with David A. Lane and published by Sage, and ‘Supervision in the Psychological Professions: Building your own Personalized Model’ co-authored with David A. Lane and Mary Watts and published by the Open University Press.

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Sarah Corrie's books on Supervision

Throughout her career, Sarah has written extensively. She has co-authored two books on supervision including ‘CBT Supervision’ with David A. Lane.

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